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30 seconds of absolutely frigid Lake Ontario shoreline. Some parts look apocalyptic up there. The violent wind we've had the last five days has taken a toll. (Click HD icon at bottom right of video for best quality).

Posted by John Kucko Digital on Sunday, March 12, 2017

Due to exceedingly frigid temperatures in the Northeast, a Summer house on Lake Ontario turned into a crystallized ice palace. Located in upstate New York, the house has absolutely mesmerized the internet since it froze over just days before Winter Storm Stella hit the region.

On March 12, photographer John Kucko happened upon what is now being referred to as the "ice house." He then took to Facebook to share a video of the house. In his caption, he wrote, "Some parts look apocalyptic up there. The violent wind we've had the last five days has taken a toll."

The video has since amassed over 80,000 views and nearly 1,000 shares on Facebook. Watch it in its entirety above.

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