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Many fans feel like they already know Jonathan and Drew Scott, the playful yet talented twins behind Property Brothers. Yet despite what viewers think they know about the beloved show from checking out the countless renovations and stylish upgrades, there's a lot about the show that you would never realize unless you were actually cast as participants.

While showing off two rooms he designed for Stearns and Foster, Jonathan sat down with POPSUGAR and revealed some little-known secrets about Property Brothers. From his thoughts on letting couples keep the furniture to exactly how involved couples really are, this HGTV star shared 11 surprising behind-the-scene truths.

They Work on Renos For Multiple Episodes Simultaneously

The brothers are in a different city every three months, and during each stop, they are simultaneously filming Property Brothers and Buying and Selling. They block shoot these shows, meaning that they film multiple episodes at the same time and not necessarily in order, in order to film enough renovations for each season, and when they shoot, they are working on 17 different homes with five construction crews at the same time.

They Hire Local Help Instead...

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