"If at first you don’t succeed try, try and try again."

By now, fans of Heather Dubrow are probably no stranger to her decadent new digs she shares with her husband, Terry, and four children in California. And while we now have gotten the chance to take a closer peek inside the mansion via her Insta account, some of us may have been left wondering about a few things, mainly Heather's wildly over-the-top closet. What does she keep in there? How fancy is it really? Also, does that Champagne doorbell really work? Well, we are thrilled to report that a gem of a discovery has now been made and that is Heather's new YouTube series titled Heather's Closet. Yes, webisodes are all devoted to her most sacred space filled with designer finds. Read on for the top 11 things we learned about her general over-the-topness after watching the first episode.

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