Sunday, December 16, 2012

Happy 12th Birthday Cameron!!!

Twelve Things about Cameron on his Twelfth Birthday!

  1. You are selfless. You do so much for other people and truly love helping.
  2. You are loving. You love each and every one of your siblings in your own way and never act annoyed or bothered by them.
  3. You LOVE reading. 
  4. Ninjago's are your favorite toys.
  5. Skylanders is your favorite video game.
  6. You love to collect Pokemon Cards.
  7. You love Harry Potter so much, you wanted  a chocolate on chocolate birthday cake this year. Just like Harry did one year. Photo: Time for Cameron's birthday cake!!'
  8. You still hold my hand when we are out places and I LOVE that you still do.
  9. You love playing baseball and hope that you can get college scholarships one day!
  10. Disney! Much like me you want to live there.
  11. I'm glad you like to cook. Even on your birthday, you made every person an omelet this morning.
  12. I Love you to the moon and back and don't ever forget it!


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