Monday, September 27, 2010

Food Trucks

Something that has become a fascination of mine (mainly because of the Great Food Truck Race on Food Network), is food trucks.
I live in between 2 big cities: Atlanta and Charlotte. We used to live in the ATL in 2008 (before Ruth's Chris decided we needed to live in Greenville,SC) and make it back a few times a year for random adventures but we have only drive through Charlotte.

I am really wanting to find a food truck and taste some yummy food and see what the buzz is all about (even though I know twitter is a good way to find them I have no idea how to "tweet"!) but I also know that something as cool as a food truck will never grace Greenville with its presence. Greenville is the town that wishes it was. I have other unkind words about Greenville but will not leave them with you!


Anonymous said...

I am considering a food truck in Greenville. I am also so sorry you feel that way about Greenville. I am guessing you have not yet found someone to give you a insiders tour and a bit of local history. I hope you stay long enough to discover the true heart and soul of this remarkable area. Of course that is kind of like an ancient Chinese curse. Once you discover it you will never want to leave

Xavier Bonnafous said...

I realise, i am answering an old post, but I am in the process of moving from Miami to Greenville and will probably bring a food truck to town, I am a french chef and really like Greenville, it has some kind of european vibe. do you know of any food trucks in town,
Thanks Xavier

Cara @ The Boys Made Me Do It said...

Hi Xavier-- to my knowledge there are still no food trucks in Greenville-- there was one called Sexy Taco? but I never saw it actually operate as a truck just saw it around town sitting in parking lots. Hope this helps! I know the town I am in now has 3-- Chattanooga-- Taco Sherpa, Southern Burger, and Famous Nate's said...

We are a couple that moved from San Francisco CA. and yes we are getting ready to operate our full equiped food truck in Greenville.

We are very excited!!

Please check our website at:

Anthony Carsella said...

I recently moved from the Northeast where they are actually food truck friendly. After several calls to Greenville/Spartanburg Area and DHEC on restrictions and laws it does not seem they welcome the idea. Although it was discouraging news I am not giving up. A woman in Asheville NC seemed to have some similar problems but actually won her case. I believe the food trucks add to the diversity that is coming to SC. Change does not come easy. If anyone has any helpful info on getting started please contact me @ Blessings to all who are pioneering in this industry! I believe we will get through. The South shall rise again along with a bunch of gourmet food trucks! Hallelujah!!

Anonymous said...

There is one food truck in Greenville
Their name is Asada. They offer great mexican food
I tried them when they were working on festivals last year and they mentioned to me that they were in the process of getting their truck ready
Their food is simply delicious and very effordable Actualy I am surprised they dont charge more. The quality and freshness is superb. They have a website I hope this message help

jhardluck said...

We just had a food truck open recently that seems to be doing very well. They recieved alot of free press on all of the local news channels when they opened. is their website. According to their website there is a group creating an app to help find local food trucks in Greenville,SC. I hope this helps all of you.

Anonymous said...

Tough review on Greenville..Its a small town feel with great food and events!!! An hour from beer capital of the world (asheville). What more could you ask for!!!

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